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Casting: Embarrassing Sex Story

Have you ever had a sex story that was so good, so funny, so awkward that you had to call your friend immediately after? If that’s a yes, we want to hear from you! Triple Threat TV is teaming up with a major millennial female magazine to launch content for their new digital platform. We are searching for funny, honest, interesting females who want to tell their wildly embarrassing sex stories. So, what were your craziest sexcapades? What important lessons did you learn? Has this affected any of your relationships? How has the experience changed the way you approach sex in the future? Contact us with your name, age, location, and your story. Funnier and crazier the better!

If you have answers to any of these questions, we want to hear your story! Email us at Please include your name, number, location, recent photo and tell us all about your story!

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