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Gary Cohen



Gary is the Emmy award-winning producer who embodies the culture, spirit, reliability and work ethic of Triple Threat TV.  Since establishing the company in 2005 back in the Harlem NY days, Gary has been involved closely on every project that’s come through its doors.  He approaches each collaborated effort with an executive’s wisdom, a producer’s outlook and an artist’s vision.  Most recently solidified with nine films for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series, ten episodes of MTV’s True Life and the MSNBC series Pot Barons of Colorado, Gary has seen his company establish itself as a leader in non-fiction programming.  

Matt McDonald

Senior Producer


Matt McDonald has produced nine of ESPN's 30 for 30 Films, more than any other outside producer.  His Triple Threat career began as an intern, shortly after the company was formed, but his steady efficiency quickly elevated him to the producer role on Catching Hell, Requiem for the Big East, Playing for the Mob and all the rest of Triple Threat's output. Along the way, he's earned the trust of a stunning list of filmmakers including Alex Gibney, Frank Marshall, Mike Tollin, Ezra Edelman and Alison Ellwood.  He's the captain of the Triple Threat crew, setting the tone with his steadiness, good cheer and impeccable professionalism.   

Niki Usbay McDonald



At Triple Threat TV, Niki is the ultimate catalyst.  What started as an internship in 2007, this RIT graduate blossomed into a force in the non-fiction television space.  Niki has been the director/producer of our True Life titles and most recently directed Pot Barons of Colorado for MSNBC.  She’s a fearless traveler, a friend to everyone she encounters, a dynamo in development and a cornerstone of Triple Threat TV.

Ross Hockrow

Partner in Crime


Triple Threat and Ross have teamed up on many productions from Vice Sports films to major development projects. Ross is an extremely talented director, editor and director of photography. He has an eye for creating beautiful imagery, cutting films at warp speed and visualizing a top tier story and executing in an almost unbelievable way. A true artist without any of the drama.

Chris Spaide

Director of Photography/Post Production Supervisor


Chris is a talented editor, sound operator and all-around good guy, but his passion ultimately shines through in his camera work.  A wizard with a variety of cameras and highly skilled in verite, interview and specialized shooting, Chris is a road warrior responsible for capturing all of the pretty images that go into our productions.  His nickname around the office is Solid Chris, and it is most surely earned.

Matt "Pablo" Andreana


Burdened with having the same name as seemingly everyone at this company, Pablo accepted his 7th grade spanish name as his own and hasn’t looked back since. He started with odd jobs here and there (mostly here...but also there), and soon carved out a meaningful role as Triple Threat's highlight montage specialist and photoshop guru. Better at editing than fantasy football, Pablo consistently cuts well-crafted stories and is often referred to as the Todd Frazier of the edit room -- a real spark plug whose energy is contagious. He also likes dogs.


Aaron Brenner

Associate Producer


The latest addition to Triple Threat, Aaron is a dedicated and gifted researcher.  A tireless worker, he conquers assignments with his persistence and has grown into a powerful archival resource.

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