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"TRYING OUT" - A digital web series on determination!

Are you auditioning for Beyonce's next tour, your Broadway debut, or the biggest event of your life? If you are a female millennial living in the NYC or BOSTON metro area and have the passion, determination and drive to become a household name, Cosmopolitan Digital wants to hear your story! EMAIL with the following information:

1. Name

2. Age

3. Contact Info

4. Location

5. What role or position you’re auditioning for?

6. What’s at stake for you? (How would this opportunity change your life? Have you made any big personal sacrifices to get to the level you’re at?)

7. How is your daily routine impacted by your preparation for this audition?

8. What are the biggest challenges standing in your way?

9. Who are your biggest supporters and who is your biggest opposition?

10. Please also include a recent photo of yourself or a short video.

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