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Casting: Founder Stories

Triple Threat TV is casting ambitious and personable female founders for several 2017 web video series on actionable strategies for success currently in the worx!

The series we are pitching are summarized as follows:

START UP STORIES (aka FIGHT OR FLIGHT MOMENTS): A series of shorts where each episode profiles the 3 largest hurdles a company had to clear in order to become the well respected brand they are today.

FOUNDER STORIES: A series of 1-2 minute pieces sharing each founder's “a-ha” moment where they decided to create change in the world and shows what their company stands for. We would spend “a day in the life” filming each CEO in their native environment to bring their story to life.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: A Chicken Soup for the Soul type series where guest speakers share words to live by.

If you are interested in potentially getting involved in any of these three upcoming projects, please contact us at!

Include the following information:

1) Recent Photo

2) Company Website, Social Media Handles

3) Which series you feel is the right fit for you

4a) Entrepreneurs with new startups should let us know what problems their companies are solving, how they're company is changing the world, any personal words to live by.

4b) Founders with successful companies should share with us 3 fight or flight moments that jeopardized the enterprise and how they pivoted to strengthen the company.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns – we are happy to receive those as well!

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