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Casting: Company Retreat

Is your company open to new and creative solutions to help increase productivity or guide you through your latest challenges? Triple Threat TV, creator of MSBNC's "Pot Barons of Colorado" and CNBC's "DLife" is casting fun and innovative companies and corporate teams to participate in a free one day corporate retreat with author & behavioral scientist Vanessa Van Edwards.

Interested companies should email: with:

1) Company Intro - Let us know the mission of your company, how many employees you have and what department you work for. Feel free to brag about your company's biggest success!

2) Solutions Vanessa Can Bring - Are you looking to strengthen communication between teams in the work environment? Do you have a new product launch that can use a creative spark? Are you open to improving happiness or employee culture in the workplace? Let us know a specific work place solution you'd like Vanessa to help deliver.

3) Contact Info - let us know the best way to get in touch with you!

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